It is undeniable that Engineering & Technology professionals are key personnel in any country responsible for its economic progress and prosperity, leading to increased comfort and satisfaction levels of its people and the society at large. The developed countries have already benefitted from their knowledge and skills and have demonstrated the crucial role played by these professionals in strengthening their R&D, industries and economies. As India is now engaged in such an endeavour and has prepared a road map for becoming a developed nation by the year 2020, serious efforts are now going on in the country in this direction. In this context, the education and training of Engineering & Technology professionals are now receiving much attention here. But, there are challenges being faced by these professionals in the on-going 21st century, recognized as the Knowledge Age, like:

Rapidly changing technological scene worldwide, with a shrinking time scale for new developments and for obsolescence of old practices, leading to:

  • Increase in investment on R&D in industry and other sectors
  • Demand for innovative products and services, based on contemporary technologies
  • Growing need for enhancement of abilities to manage change, so frequent, now a days

Globalization and liberalization of Indian industry, leading to:

  • Comprehensive restructuring of industry sector for enhancing efficiency
  • Increase in world-wide mobility of Engineering & Technology professionals
  • Growth of competitive environment globally and also in the country

Emergence of new career opportunities for Engineering & Technology professionals, leading to:

  • Demand for broad-based, flexible education in multi/inter- disciplinary subjects
  • Emphasis on PG courses, research training and institute-industry interaction; and
  • Advances in learner-centric programmes and life-long learning opportunities

Increased social/environmental concerns in the Engineering & Technology context, leading to:

  • Effective means for protection of endangered environment and depleting energy sources
  • Seeking environment- and energy- friendly solutions to Engineering & Technology problems
  • Wealth generation using environmentally benign and energy efficient techniques