Electrical Engineering


Head of the Department

Name: Prof.(Dr.)S.K.Mitra
Contact No.:9831192584
Email id:
Research area of Interest: Network Analysis and Power System
B.Sc(Hons.) in Physics B.Tech, M.Tech,
PhD in Electrical Engineering from University of Calcutta (CU) Years of Experience
(a) Industrial Experience: 30 yrs.
(b) Academic Experience: 12yrs.
(c) Research Experience: 4yrs.



"The Electrical Engineering Department at JIS College of Engineering will become internationally recognized for graduating and post graduating students that will have experience in putting theory into practice and will also be capable of succeeding in advanced studies.


In addition to completing the core requirements, the students also specialize in one or more areas of Electrical Engineering including Control System, Electronics, Digital Signal Processing, Instrumentation and Control, Communications and Power Systems in the Undergraduate (UG) program. The programs prepare the students to be successful and advance in their chosen careers in industry, academia, and public institutions, making significant contributions to the field of Electrical Engineering (EE). After accomplishing the graduate and post graduate program within the specified time interval the students will be

1.Successful in Analyzing, Designing, or testing of electrical systems.
2.Productive member of a team.
3.Playing leadership roles in their career.
4.Contributing in professional and civic service.
5.Pursuing lifelong learning
6.Motivated with higher studies and research work.

The mission of the Department of Electrical Engineering (EE) of JIS College of Engineering is to provide affordable and quality Under Graduate (UG) and Post Graduate (PG) education, to the students with supportive environment that facilitates learning to solve problems in Electrical Engineering (EE). An education in this department will give career versatility, job security, and an opportunity to create the innovations that will transform the 21st century in future days to come. This also will prepare the student for industry job and applications. The curriculum allows applying the theory learnt in the classroom in modern laboratory, starting from the very first year. This will prepare students to play a significant role in shaping the future high technology environment, and to provide knowledge and skills to foster lifelong learning and be aware of social, ethical, and environmental issues associated with their professional activities. The department has a strong commitment to academic scholarship and encourages faculty to participate in the Ph.D. level programs and to perform research with graduate and post graduate students.