Post Graduate

Programme Outcomes (PO)

  • Advanced Knowledge: Graduates will be able to incorporate in-depth relevant knowledge in professional practices for the benefits of both national and international communities. Graduates are able to apply their knowledge and skills in the planning, analysis, design and supervision of works related to the Information Technology discipline.
  • Critical Thinking and Research : Graduates will be able to manage conducive working environment qualities problem solving and higher order thinking skills in computing. Graduates are technically competent in solving problems logically, analytically and creatively based on sound facts and ideas.
  • Professional Ethics and Integrity: Graduates will be able to balance professional and ethical responsibilities including contemporary issues and environmental awareness.
  • Life-long learning: Graduates will be able to adopt the latest relevant knowledge and cutting-edge technologies through life-long learning process.
  • Management and Entrepreneurship: Graduates will be able to explain managerial concepts and identify business opportunities and initiate action to achieve it.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEO)

  • The aim of the postgraduate programme is to produce graduates in master of Information Technology. In order to satisfy this aim, PEO has been formulated based on the visions and missions of dept. of Information Technology.
    The Postgraduate PEOs are as follows:

    PEO 1:Mastery of competencies and integration of knowledge required in the profession and in R&D field.

    PEO 2: An appreciation of the value of lifelong learning and possessing enthusiasm and strong commitment to continued acquisition of new knowledge and skills.

    PEO 3: Advanced leadership and team working skills that allow professionals to become visionary and inspirational leaders in the domain of Information Technology.