Extra-Curricular Activities

Embrace the Green Revolution: Making JISCE, Kalyani Campus Green

We live today in an era of surplus in which consumer products flood the shelves, while the natural world around us is being deplenished. Sustainable development refers to rational use of natural resources so as to preserve the planet as a life supporting habitat for future generations. Many complex environmental issues that relate to sustainability are at the center of the academic and social agenda.

Sustainability is a philosophy of life and a way of life that strives to enable everyone access to environmental, social and economic resources yet defends the rights of future generations as well. Every society has its special concept of sustainability linked to its traditions and environment. Therefore every group may enrich the ideas and activities of others. “Campus Greening“ is a concept which stands for the efforts to establish environmentally sustainable practices in educational institutions the world over. Its goal is to diminish the impact of ecological footprints by implementing the principles of sustainability at every level of institutional functioning.

3rd International Technical Symposium with Stakeholders from Russian Federation :25th February, 2017: From Chemistry department there was six projects done by B.Tech 1st year students. “Application of Semiconductor based LDR to avoid car collision” awarded as best departmental project.

It was held on 1st Sep, 2016. Ms. Trina Dutta took part in Delegate/Dignitary/VIP reception committee; Ms. Ananya Barman was in Cultural & Backstage committee; Tanmoy Dutta was in Parents & Guardians committee and Anirban Basu Roy Chowdhury was in Students Winners committee

International Conference on Industry Interactive Innovation in Sciences held on 25th and 26th October, 2016

On the celebration of Earth Day, 2016 a tree plantation program followed by a Seminar was organized to raise awareness about the importance of greenery to save our planet. In regard to this, trees were planted in the JISCE, Kalyani campus. We were honored to have Professor Debasish Das, HOD of Department of Environmental Science, Kalyani University as our chief guest in the seminar.

On the World Environment Day, 2015 all the faculty members, staffs were requested to bring a sapling and donate to the Club. These saplings were planted at the college premises, as a part of our endeavor to make JIS College of Engineering a greener, better campus. The voluntary, enthusiastic participation of faculties and staffs of JIS College of Engineering made the event successful.

Environment and Education club conducted Inter Departmental Eco Quiz Competition in 2014. Since our club deals with environment concerns, the Quiz exclusively focused on environmental issues.

Environment and Education club conducted a Poster Competition on “Global Warming” in 2014.

A campaign was to raise awareness about the importance of greenery to save our planet a tree plantation and distribution event called – Plant for the Planet organized by our club in 2014. Trees were planted in the college campus and distributed to the passerby in order to raise awareness. As a promise for a greener world, thumb prints were taken from all the participants, instead of a regular signature campaign. This was done in the form of a tree to keep with the spirit of the event.