• Prof. Abhijit Mookerjee, Distinguish Prof. SNBNCBS
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  • On Isolation of Nano Cellulose from Waste Sugarcane bagasse(SCB) and its Characterization by Prof. Debabrata Chakraborty, CU
  • On Approaches towards Realization of Nano Particles: Diverse Synthetic Strategies by Dr. Ambarish Sanyal, Scientist, CSIR
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  • On Nano Sensor by Prof. Amarnath Sen, CGCRI, Kolkata
  • On Nano Lithography by Prof. Rabibrata Mukhopadhyay, CGCRI, Kolkata
  • On Carbon Nano TubeProf. Kalyan Chatterjee, JU, Kolkata
  • On “Water Pollution” by Professor Basab Choudhuri, Vice Chancellor of West Bengal State University
  • On “Arsenic Pollution” by Prof. Rabin Majumder, (Retd. Prof), Department of Chemical Technology, CU
  • On “Pollution of Bhagirathi and Hooghly River” by Dr. Kalyan Rudra, Chairman, West Bengal Pollution Control Board