Student's Project

Report of student’s project in JISTech 2k16

About the project
The Departmental stall in JISTech 2k16 was almost in the middle portion of the departmental stalls, adjacent with Information Technology and Electronics and Communication Engineering departments. All the students got the two way knowledge sharing. An innovative model on robotics, ROBOWORM, by the 1st year B.Tech students under the supervision of the Department of Mathematics, was exhibited in the departmental stall.
Abstract of the Project
The project is with the intension of a miniature of a simple worm and its movement in a very basic form through the essence of robotics. The preference is given to the high performance low cost modelling, so that the application can be done in real life problems in a large scale economically.
Outcome of the Project
It showcases the movement of a simple worm in an artificial way using which various security purposes, disaster management and forensic investigation can be done.

Picture Gallery of Departmental Stall
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Student Participants
1. Mr. Auropriyo Barman, Mechanical Engineering.
2. Mr. Bisant Das, Mechanical Engineering.
3. Mr. Jitendra Kumar Sharma, Computer Science Engineering.
4. Mr. Ankit Kumar Roy Chowdhury, Mechanical Engineering.
5. Mr. Soumit Kundu, Mechanical Engineering.
The Department is thankful to the Planning, Organizing and Executing Committee of           JIS 2K16 and TEQIP Fund of JIS College of Engineering and the overall support from JIS Group.