The mission of the Department of Physics at JIS College of Engineering is to provide our students an exceptional science education to create the next generations of technocrats having profound knowledge-base in physical science and to push forward the frontiers of knowledge for the benefit of country, the world, and ultimately to the challenges of the society. At the same time, to motivate both teachers and students in basic and applied physics research and their applications in quality interdisciplinary teaching.

To fulfill this mission, the faculty, staff and students of the Physics Department share a number of deeply-held values:

  1. The development of an exceptional, broad-based scientific education for the budding engineers by making a stream specific-outcome based, learners' centric syllabus. Cross-pollination of the educational experience between the classroom and the laboratory to strengthen both.
  2. The promotion of critical-thinking skills is the hallmark of a strong physics education, that are required in the increasingly complex world'
  3. Attracting and mentoring the finest undergraduates and faculty on an individual basis.
  4. Redesigning traditional boundaries in research, teaching, and outreach in carefully focused areas
  5. Support of research and scholarly activities by the faculty, staff and students, to create new knowledge and understanding of the physical world.
  6. A commitment by the Department, through its faculty, staff and students, to provide public service to the Institute and broader community to help foster a better life for our colleagues and neighbors.