"Education is simply the soul of the society as it's passes from one generation to another"

G. K. Chesterson

Sardar Jodh Singh

Chairman, JIS Group

I always experienced a yearning to acknowledge my responsibilities and reciprocate by contributing to the growth and development of our society. Years ago when I visited my son's school, I perceived that the best way to advance society is by fostering education and it was at that moment that the dream and vision of JIS Group Educational Initiatives was conceived.

"Vision looks inward and becomes duty. Vision looks outward and becomes aspiration. Vision looks upward and becomes faith. Now, when this vision of duty, aspiration and faith has become a reality, it is a proud moment for me and my team to see thousands of students pursuing higher education in JIS Group of Colleges and equipping themselves to become industry ready professionals for successful careers. In this process the Group intends to unite all dimensions of Education from Undergraduate to Post Graduate Programmes in Engineering and Technology, Computer Applications, Dental Science,Pharmacy, Hospitality, diverse streams of Management and so on under the same umbrella in order to comprehensively and collectively optimize the reach of Educational Initiatives in every strata and corner of society towards a better future.

Our educational Initiatives believes that creating an academic foundation for social, cultural, scientific, economic and technological development in our Nation can mature into Global Interface by giving way to education exchange in the International territory as well. Therefore, our focus is to achieve unparalleled excellence that will bring development to our society and mankind by optimizing their potential, thereby establishing the observation of the renowned Journalist Sydney J. Harris on the role the purpose of education which is to "turn mirrors into windows.

Welcome back to the future!

Dr Malay R Dave

Principal, JIS College of Engineering

We belong to a fairly young group of institutions called JIS group that has launched a variety of institutions from aviation through engineering, management, sciences, pharmaceutical, dental sciences, and medical sciences to even the spectacular launch of the youngest University in the state called the JIS University. That is exactly the reason why at the every step of the way, we have a huge potential for inducting the experimentations and innovations in the process of dissemination of knowledge.

College education is life changing experience - for parents as well as students – but rest assured but rest assured we do utmost to provide a safe and supportive environment. As ever, the student experience will be at the heart of whatever we do and our ongoing development will allow us to focus on what our students want and need, as well as providing an environment that is open and accessible to the wider community as we shape up the future of our students.

You make an institution great, so whether you are a prospective student, current student, professor, researcher, staff member, parent, neighbour or just visitor, your interest and enthusiasm are not only valued and appreciated, but also being incorporated in our perspective planning of our institute.

We have ambitious plans to take the lead in articulating strategic vision and setting goals for institutional performance, while working closely with the various teams such as leadership team of the management, team leaders of the institutions and other various stakeholders.

Keep in touch with our storytelling sessions that we plan to organize periodically as we proudly share our success stories of our journeys of the seven seas as we explore this planet for meaningful and rewarding near and far away destinations for a better future of our stakeholders with you in the times to come.